Game-changing PELLETIZED BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGY to slow climate change

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Our unique ion chloride extraction technology

enables sustainable eucalyptus woody biomass to be used for biofuel in hundreds of nations where they were previously barred. We led to the world’s first certified eucalyptus wood pellet fuel, stocking carbon at least 6 to 10 times faster than current wood pellets from temperate and boreal forests.


Unlock the largest potential of wood-based bioproduction worldwide

BiomassTrust is a wood pellets technology company that can access the largest potential of sustainable wood-based in the world.

Our patented solution has developed an ion transfer technology to removes enough chlorine to make eucalyptus wood pellet fuel safe for international markets.

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More than 60 percent of sustainable bioenergy is produced by burning wood pellets fuel, but their potential as a renewable energy source remains limited.

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Eucalyptus planted forests have the largest potential of sustainable wood-based for pellets biofuel export in the world. Historically wood pellets fuel generated from vast, tropical eucalyptus forests are banned in many countries because burning them generates hazardous emissions.

Processo 3- BiomassTrust RENEWABLE ENERGY

Our technology has now overcome this technical obstacle. Since a granted patent technology in 3 continents (Brazil, European Union and Vietnam). BiomassTrust’s validated and commercialized industrial-scale procedure removes enough chlorine from eucalyptus wood-based to make the pellets safe for international markets.

Processo 4 - BiomassTrust RENEWABLE ENERGY

Our MVP in Brazil is the world’s first certified eucalyptus wood pellet to attain international commercial standards (ENplus A1). Unlock a new disruptive market of non-intermittent renewable energy. BiomassTrust's solution boosts sustainable wood pellets production and reduces up to 30% of the biofuel international cost.

While we are rushing to build more efficient batteries, we forget that nature already  gives us wood

While we are rushing to build more efficient batteries, we forget that nature already gives us wood

Javier Farago Escobar - Founder


Hi - Harvasrd innovation lab
USP - Prêmio Tese Destaque USP
World Sustainable Energy Days

​Impressive! – This isn’t likely venture with the capital required. But an exciting project!

Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard President's Innovation Challenge

The pellet produced by Javier is the pellet that meets the environmental European standards, and can be exported!

José Goldemberg Ph.D.

Brazilian Scientific Leader and Politian

This is a potential game-changing idea. BiomassTrust’s value proposition is strong and positioned well for the push to further climate change goals in the near term.

Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard President's Innovation Challenge

A major global challenge is setting up a commodity capable of being a green alternative to coal. Doubtless, BiomassTrust’s technological solution represents an outstanding contribution in this direction.

Hudson Mendonça

Champion MIT REAP Brazil

Fascinating transformative technology filling a market need!

Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard President's Innovation Challenge

This energy solution could have a powerful impact on reducing emissions while providing stable energy to consumers.

Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard President's Innovation Challenge


We are aligned to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Increase substantially the ​share of renewable energy in the global energy mix is fundamental to achieving higher levels of economic productivity and promoting decent job creation through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation.

Displacing fossil fuels for BiomassTrus’t wood pellets also delivers carbon emissions savings through restoring degraded land, implementation of sustainable management and substantially increase afforestation and reforestation globally.


BiomassTrust is an academic ​spin-off founded in spring 2020 at Harvard Innovation Labs. Prior to becoming a company, we build a consistent technology supported by awards and honors, patents, industrial and commercial validation, and the world’s first eucalyptus wood pellets fuel certification.

2015 feb

“Young Researcher Brazilian Project”

Biomass Brazilian project recognized by OÖEnergiesparverband and Intelligent Energy Europe-EU in World Sustainable Energy Days. Austria.

2015 oct

“Brazilian Prize of Innovation and Technology on Biomass”

Supported by World Bioenergy Association. Brazil

2016 oct

Patent Deposit

World: PCT/WIPO; & Brazil: INPI/BR.

2017 SEP

“USP Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award”

First place winner, University of São Paulo. Brazil

2018 APR


Patent Accepted in 198 countries

2018 OCT

Technology Industrial Validation

(MVP – Minimum Value Product) in Bahia State, Brazil.

2018 NOV

TEDx Talk

Worldwide presentation of Intellectual Property solution

2019 APR


Brazilian Patent Granted

2019 MAI


European Union Patent Filled

2019 MAI


Vietnamese Patent Filled

2019 OCT

Obtained the world’s first certified eucalyptus wood pellet fuel


2019 NOV

Technology Demand Validation

Our MVP sold 300 containers of chloride-free eucalyptus wood pellet fuel to European Union

2020 FEB

BiomassTrust Founded

Venture Program at Harvard Innovation Labs, Harvard University. USA.

2020 MAR

Spark Grants Award

Harvard Innovation Labs. USA

2021 JAN

BiomassTrust Featured Story

School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Harvard University. USA.

2021 JAN

Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalist

Harvard University. USA

2021 APR

BiomassTrust LLC.

Massachusetts, USA


We speed up carbon neutrality from the largest non-intermittent renewable energy worldwide!


Founder - CEO

Javier Farago Escobar

Javier developed BiomassTrust’s patented process. He is a Harvard Postdoc in Environmental Science and Engineering ’22 at Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, and an expert in biofuel & bioenergy. He serves as Lead Country Contributor/Brazil in the UN Environment-Renewable Global Status Report (REN21); and Director at Harvard GSAS Business Club. Javier holds a Ph.D. in Energy with highest honors from University of São Paulo.

Chairman of the Boards

Jório Dauster

Jório joined the Brazilian Foreign Service in ’61, having retired in ‘98 as Ambassador to the European Union. Dealt with international trade issues for most of his professional life, having served as Chief Negotiator of Brazil’s External Debt, CEO of Vale, President of the Brazilian Coffee Institute, also as Chairman of the International Coffe Organization, Ferrous (Brazil), and member of the International Advisory Committee of Iberdola (Spain).

Development Manager

Mai Hoang

Mai is a BA. in Applied Math x Economics ’25 at Harvard University, and a renewable energy expert advising capital management firms like Farallon; Black Diamond; Javelin; and Blackstone. Mai is a UNDP Consultant at Climate Hub in Vietnam, also serves as a Director at Harvard Undergraduate Law Review; and President at Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners.

Science Communication Manager

Yuanchao Fan

Fan is a Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Postdoc at Harvard Center for the Environment, and an expert in forests, with experience in vegetation carbon and energy cycles of ecosystems across tropical regions. He received his PhD degrees in Bioclimatology from University of Göttingen; and Functional Ecology & Agricultural Sci. from AgroParisTech.

Structured Finance Manager

Diego Rauter

Diego spent 20 years advising institutional clients on high-value and complex corporate transactions worldwide firms. He led execution to raise and advise clients in 30+ transactions (US$10Bi), served as Vice President at Credit Suisse; Director at BR Partners; Assoc. at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; ABN AMRO Bank and BNP Paribas. Diego holds a BBA from Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil & Tulane University, USA.

Business Manager

Leandro Augusto Colombo

Colombo spent 17 years advising global industrial companies such as Randon, Marcopolo, Polirim, and many others on business process and cost management, with experience in financial management and controlling industrial project costs. He holds a BA and MSc in Manufacturing Engineering from UCS and received his MBA at Unisinos University, Brazil.

Fiber & Supply Chain Manager

Flavio Ferreira

Flavio spent 11 years working on logistics, supply chain integration, and operational viability in global companies like Vale, Marovick, and many others. He is an expert in the Brazilian eucalyptus market and woody-base raw material supply chain, exporting across the US and Europe. Flavio received his BA degree in Business Administration and Production Engineering at FAESA, Brazil.

Manufacturing Operations Manager

Otoniel Duarte

Prior to joining BiomassTrust, Otoniel spent 7 years managing the industrial process at the largest Latin American wood pellets company (Florespel, Brazil). He acquired solid industry experience in the world’s largest wood pellets fuel producer and trader (German Pellets, Germany). He holds a BA degree in Business Administration at UCB Boston. USA, and an MBA in Unopar, Brazil.

Commercial Manager

Joao Bonotto Casagrande

Joao Victor has 06 years of experience in commercial planning and business operations across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. He led 1GW of renewable energy commercial execution, raising more than $1Bi in business operations. Thus, helping entrepreneurs, and corporations, like Tsun, Sunova, Growatt, Brazilwall, and IBRAP.


BiomassTrust is on MIT´s Engine Blueprint Program
This morning BiomassTrust participated in MIT´s Engine Blueprint Program. The program helps the next generation of Tough Tech leaders navigate the commercialization process through tailored programming concerning technology risk mitigation and exper...
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Incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab

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