Non-intermittent RENEWABLE ENERGY to lead climate change targets

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Our unique ion chloride extraction technology

enables sustainable eucalyptus woody biomass to be used for biofuel in hundreds of nations where they were previously barred. We led to the world’s first certified eucalyptus wood pellet fuel, switching off coal electricity & fossil fuel heating around the world.


Unlock the largest potential of wood-based bioproduction worldwide

BiomassTrust is a wood pellets technology company that can access the largest potential of sustainable wood-based in the world.

Our patented solution has developed an ion transfer technology to removes enough chlorine to make eucalyptus wood pellet fuel safe for international markets.

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More than 60 percent of sustainable bioenergy is produced by burning wood pellets fuel, but their potential as a renewable energy source remains limited.

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Eucalyptus planted forests have the largest potential of sustainable wood-based for pellets biofuel export in the world. Historically wood pellets fuel generated from vast, tropical eucalyptus forests are banned in many countries because burning them generates hazardous emissions.

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Our technology has now overcome this technical obstacle. Since a granted patent technology in 3 continents (Brazil, European Union and Vietnam). BiomassTrust’s validated and commercialized industrial-scale procedure removes enough chlorine from eucalyptus wood-based to make the pellets safe for international markets.

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Our MVP in Brazil already sold 300 containers of sustainable pellets fuel to European Union. That led to the world’s first certified eucalyptus wood pellet. Unlock a new disruptive market of non-intermittent renewable energy. BiomassTrust's solution boosts sustainable wood pellets production and reduces up to 30% of the biofuel international cost.

While we are rushing to build more efficient batteries, we forget that nature already  gives us wood

While we are rushing to build more efficient batteries, we forget that nature already gives us wood

Javier Farago Escobar - Founder


Founder - CEO

Javier Farago Escobar

Javier developed BiomassTrust’s patented process. He is a Harvard Postdoc in Envir. Science and Engineering at Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, and an expert in bioenergy & air quality. He has served as Lead Brazilian Contributor in UN Environment, REN21; and co-Director at Harvard GSAS Business Club. Javier holds a PhD in Energy with honors from University of São Paulo.

Project Manager

Mike Alba Pieracci

Mike has 06 years as a project manager in the energy sector. He led several technical, strategic and investment operations for infrastructure construction in Latin America. Mike was a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL Merit’s Fellow and completed his MBA at Miguel de Cervantes European University.

Structured Finance Manager

Diego Rauter de Vasconcellos

Prior to joining BiomassTrust, Diego spent 20 years advising institutional clients on high-value and complex corporate transactions at BR Partners; Credit Suisse; Bank of America Merrill Lynch; and ABN AMRO Bank, with experience structuring project finance greenfield capital. Diego holds a BA in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas & Tulane University.

Development Manager

Yuanchao Fan

Fan is a Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Postdoc at Harvard Center for the Environment, and an expert in forests, with experience in vegetation carbon and energy cycles of ecosystems across tropical regions. He received his PhD degrees in Bioclimatology from University of Göttingen; and Functional Ecology & Agricultural Sci. from AgroParisTech.



Incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab

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Harvard Innovation Lab

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